Introducing 'the-ings'

Welcome to the introduction page of the-ings here you will discover the main characters ‘The working force inside you that never sleeps’.

Think-ing (Maller)

Think-ing is the boss, he receives all of your thoughts and feelings from his central control panel.

Plumb-ing (Peter)

Plumb-ing is in charge of everything to do with waterworks.

Coordinat-ing (Colin)

Co-ordinat-ing is the foreman he receives instructions from Think-ing and co-ordinates who is best for the job.

Car-ing (Carl)

Car-ing is in charge of Health and Safety he ensures all the Do-ings responsible for your immune system are working well together to keep you in good health.

Lov-ing (Leslie)

Lov-ing is in charge of all the emotions. Support, care and encouragement is her specialist skill set which ensures all the workforce is at the optimum efficiency at all times.

Do-ings (Brian)

Do-ing’s receive instructions from Co-ordinat-ing and are the building force of many looking after you. Brian is an excellent example of the many Do-ing his particular job is looking after your teeth.