What are The-Ings

They are a Metabolic Mimetic Polyalloy Nanobot workforce that lives inside you.

What do they do?

Our immune system which is made up of a vast network of cells, tissues, and organs. The-Ings work with the immune system existing within the DNA structure of our body’s to protect us against disease-causing organisms or substances such as the NASTY THING.


Who is Buely?

Buely was once a normal caterpillar until he was accidentally electrocuted one stormy night.

The story so far

Buely is an incredible butterfly who with very special powers can turn invisible and blend into his surroundings he can also use electricity to his advantage. These abilities have made him the most famous and effective private detective in the insect world.


Simon the Fishy

Simon the Fishy is a small friendly fish who lives on Sunshine Reef with his friends Oscar the Octopus, Neville the Crab, Steve the Lobster, Bill the Whale, and Richard the Starfish.

The story so far

Simon the Fishy has been invited to a birthday party for Oscar the Octopus in the Big Cave at the end of Sunshine Reef. All of Oscar and Simons friends will be attending the Party. Discover what happens during the party and what Simon has to do as a result. Join Simons Adventure on Sunshine Reef.


Skip the Truck

Skip is a Truck that works at the Recycle Yard for ‘Your Waste’ join Skip and his friends on many recycling adventures.

The story so far

Skip the truck is excited it is his first day at his new job where he will be working at the local Recycling Yard transporting waste materials to be recycled.


SPARK the Robot

SPARK is a robot who is saved from the rubbish pile and joins the team on Recycling Adventures.

The story so far

Skip the Truck and his friends are busy one day in the Recycling Yard. There is an enormous amount of material to sort out and everyone is very busy. In one of the many skip containers full of rubbish brought to the site for Recycling, Molly Magnet discovers something very strange green and made of metal.